I used to be a Windows geek. I hear you laughing 😀

I used to do my own unattended Windows XP install CD, which was a Linux-like in terms of pre-installed softwares; and which I used whenever I wanted to install my own PC.

I personalized everything in my Windows XP. And since at those days I was a Borland Delphi fan I decided to develop a software to manage Windows XP themes, logon and boot screens. The first version was hosted at FreeWebs, you can still find it here and here (By the way, I hated to use DreamWeaver or Frontpage)

After a year or so from the first release, I decided to enhance it and release it under a FOSS license. You can have a look at the project web site here, or if you want to try it you can download it from here. Thanks again to SourceForge.

Actually, I’ve received a lot positive feedback about it. And many asked for more features. However, I’ve promised myself that If I’m going to develop anything else I will use only Free Software tools to do any kind of software. (Qt + Python are way beyond anything I’ve seen in the proprietary development tools)