Finally, after testing, using and experimenting with dozens of GNU/Linux distributions during the last 4 years, I’ve found my ultimate distro of choice. It’s ArchLinux. I’ve never been so happy to be a GNU/Linux user as today.

ArchLinux, is exactly what I was looking for. I’m strong believer in the concept of rolling updates because I think it’s the best way for GNU/Linux to take on in the Desktop usage.

Out of many GNU/Linux Distro I’ve tried, only two caught my interest. ArchLinux followed by PCLinuxOS. The only difference between them is that PCLinuxOS is more easy to install while ArchLinux is more easy to maintain. As a result ArchLinux has more recent packages than PCLinuxOS.

Another great thing about ArchLinux is the quality of its documentation. It’s excellent, everything is detailed and simple to follow.

And I’ve never seen any full-fledged GNU/Linux distro running so fast as ArchLinux. That’s because it’s not bloated with useless apps, the user chooses what to install and what not, and because its packages are optimized for i686.

ArchLinux Community plays an important role in providing help and maintaining AUR packages. I can confidently say that ArchLinux Community is a remarkable and vibrant one.

So far, I’ve had only one issue with it. My DVD recorder couldn’t burn above 2x which was due SATA Kernel module. It’s needless to say that not only I was able to fix the issue in a few moments but the way ArchLinux reconfigured the Kernel was lightning fast.

All I can say is Kudos to ArchLinux members and to ArchLinux Community. Really, a Big Thank You to everyone.

Now, I can focus on doing my work instead of fighting with my OS.