About Commenting:

  • As usual, anyone commenting in here assumes all the responsibility for his comment.
  • I respect anyone’s comment no matter what his opinion. I will not get defensive nor offended.
  • I’ll not moderate anyone’s comment unless it has something terribly wrong. (Express whatever you want in an ethical/professional way)

About Posting:

  • I don’t blog for the sake of bloging. I blog after I’ve done my homework.
  • I don’t try to offend anyone no matter what my opinion is. If you feel offended, think before commenting. Know that you’r getting unnecessarily emotional and you will act/comment certainly like a stupid person because you shut off your brain thinking/reasoning area. Respect Your Intelligent Mind!
  • I don’t mind admitting being wrong. I can easily say I was wrong and do my best to fix what I’ve broken.

Mohammed Berdai


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