I take it upon myself to find answers. I’m always looking for, reading, understanding and learning new things. I can’t stop theorizing, testing and adjusting concepts to realistic and concrete needs/requirements. I take my personal development process (PDP) seriously.

And through this life endeavor (PDP), I’ve learned to take nothing for granted. To assume nothing. I’m sorry but most of what we were taught as truth is proved to be manipulated information. But that’s another topic.

I’m passionate about Free Software Movement. I respect any movement that stand for supporting freedom. To me everyone is free to choose, think, decide, act and behave in a free and accountable way. Not a careless or irresponsible way.

I thank anyone who had made any effort no matter how small it’s to support, maintain and develop FOSS.

However, Through my FOSS journey, I notice things that are unpleasant which are most of the time due to unthoughtful decisions.

And sometimes you find some great work that goes unnoticed within the community.

So, I decided to start two separate type of articles.

  1. The first one is going to be branded “I’m Sorry, But” for the things that need attention
  2. The second type is going to be branded “Kudos to ” thanking the effort done.

Although it’s a little bit late to blog about Mozilla Firefox v3.0, I’ll do it anyway. I’ve read some good feedback about it and personally I found to be good. Mozilla has improved many things under the hood: better web standards support, better security and lots of improvements here and there.

I can tell that this new release really do have memory management improvements. There is no frequent sky-rocketing memory consumption when watching Flash videos or visiting web sites with JScript memory leaks. They have really done a good job.

Also, I can confidently say that Mozilla is making Firefox not just a simple Web browser but a platform that is going to have it remarkable share in future software development (either applications relying on it as a core/engine, or web applications).

My only two remarks about it are :

1) The newly introduced Awesome Bar still need improvements, it can be overwhelming to those who have large web browser history. I’ve found that Opera 9.51 has implemented it better than Firefox 3.0; and to those who prefer the old style, they can install OldBar and have a bar similar to Firefox 2.0.

2) Bookmarks. Although Firefox 3.0 use Sqlite as a back-end to manage bookmarks, I’ve noticed browser freezing when I try to access my bookmarks. Some may not notice it but I’ve a large Database of bookmarks (~9Mb html db file). Another thing is that when I try to add a new bookmark in a new folder, either the newly added folder don’t show up in bookmarks tree or the bookmark dialog stops responding to mouse clicks. Also, I’ve found that Firefox 2.0 provides more flexibility in handling bookmarks especially drag-and-drop operations.

Actually, I’ve both Firefox 3.0 and Firefox 2.0 installed. I use only v2.0 for my daily activities. I’ll probably move to Firefox 3.1 when it get released next year.