Sharing The Power

November 28, 2007

As human being, it seams it’s our nature to disobey, to break free from the crowd, to want be free and to gain control over things.

To control, you need to communicate; and communication is all about passing and getting information.

While information is power, Its power comes from the way it can be presented or manipulated. For instance, you can manipulate information you gained to reach your goal (your interest), or counter it with another information (to protect your interest).

The most effective way of manipulating information is to use it to stimulate fear. Starting from the fear of losing power, up till the fear of losing life.

So, how to keep that power to yourself? well, hide it. Keep it secret. Prevent others from getting it or knowing about it.

But the real question is do we accomplish anything valuable by keeping that power to ourselves alone? Well, if you’re self-centric and think you’re smart you will accomplish many things by being so; however, the real accomplishment is not getting value from others but giving value to others.

I think the whole idea about Free(dom) Software is about sharing that power instead of keeping it in the hands of privileged. Thanks to Free Software, information is equally distributed, and everyone get the same opportunities, the same benefits, the same advantages and more importantly is that everyone one can participate and make it more valuable.


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