I can’t live without oganization

October 31, 2007


It seems I can’t live without organization, or perhaps I can’t live without efficiency. Personally, I highly value my time, I know I’ve got only 24hours which seems to me not enough. This is why I try to organize every part of my life. Why ? to enjoy it and to be successful.

Since I am a Software Developer, I see structure in everything, and I like to be challenged and be challenging; I like to scale, to improve, to get better, and to be efficient. Perhaps, I approach life from a different angel, but I am happy with what I choose and what I do.

In the last few months, I’ve given a lot of attention to Personal Development. I had the feeling that I’m somehow fundamentally different from others, which irritated me to the extent of pushing me to know why I think, feel, do a lot of the things differently. I have the feeling to be unique, or as if I’ve some rare type of personality.

I’ve passed some personality tests, one of them was Briggs-Myers Personality Indicator (MBTI) which stated that my personality profile is of an INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging) which you can learn about it here and here; in other words, I’m seen as a Mastermind, wow !!

One of the things I do to organize my digital life (haha, I love such buzz words/expressions :-D) is to have every single bit of information organized, every web page that I’ve read classified, every guide or tutorial grouped and categorized, every account and password I have stored in a secure database, and virtually every document I’ve written, or a file I’ve downloaded stored in CDs, and kept in a safe and secure place 😉

My bookmarks database is a small off-line Google and I’ve an incredible huge News Feed (RSS) database that give me the opportunity to know virtually about everything I need to know immediately. Sounds amazing huh !

Here you are, have a look about what I am talking about 😉

My Collection of CDs stored in a Database for fast and accurate file localisation How Files & Directories are Stored and Organized in my Pc’s Hard Disk

My News Feed Database & Reader My Bookmarks Database, using Firefox My Accounts & Passwords Secure Database


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