I’m moving to Debian Testing codenamed Lenny

October 26, 2007

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to move to Debian Testing codenamed Lenny. it’s the next coming release of Debian currently being under development; and once it’s marked as stable it will become the default version like the actual one, Debian Etch (Debian 4.0).

Why am I moving away from Ubuntu ?

Back in 2005 (my first days with GNU/Linux), I have set a goal to move to Debian when I become ready. First, I tried many distributions but I settled with Ubuntu because it was newly introduced to the market with the incentive of offering the same software quality for both enterprise and community edition while focusing on making GNU/Linux as easy and user friend as possible for newcomers. I was attracted to that principle and to the fact that it was based on Debian which is well known by its stability and its popularity among system administrators.

Since Ubuntu is based on Debian Experimental (Sid), it offered the latest and greatest versions of softwares. Also, it’s means you are on the bleeding edge every six months which is wonderful. However, this bleeding edge has a hidden but justified cost. It’s some bugs that while they can push you to learn more about GNU/Linux trying to figure out what causing them, they may also be the source of serious headaches. Personally, most of my headaches come from FireFox performance, X11 Drivers’ stability, and Linux Kernel issues with some DSL Modems and most of these problems are Ubuntu specific.

Right now I no longer has the capacity to haunt these issues, I want to be using something that’s new and fairly tested. I think, here where comes the advantage of Debian Testing over Debian Experimental or Ubuntu. You sacrifice some of the coolness of using the latest softwares in order to be using fairly new but more tested softwares.

I want a platform that is always evolving, stable and reliable and where I can experiment other things on.


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