Towards a more usable and user friendly FLOSS

January 3, 2007

Right now I think that the GNU/Linux kitchen has everything we need to cook some delicious FLOSS meals, we have projects, documentation & source code everywhere. In addition to people who offer freedom, protection and support; and others with creativity, and enthusiasm. And an ever growing & vibrant community.

I am new to GNU/Linux world, I came from a disturbed world seeking freedom, creativity and collaboration. And I want to accomplish this ToDo list (My resolutions for GNU/Linux) for this shiny new year.

I want to share it with you.


So give me those recipes 🙂


4 Responses to “Towards a more usable and user friendly FLOSS”

  1. Mr. Pink Says:

    Prepair to be disappointed.

  2. drago Says:

    i’m with you man, go on and don’t stop , t’s true that i don’t have the same idia as you but we have to change, it’s a rule in life.

    and Mr. Pink : wye you think that he will be disappointed ?

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